From the Director

Growing up in a small Southern Maine town, I was very fortunate to get into the sport of lacrosse at the right time in my life, and even luckier to live in the same town as the coaches that I played for. The foundation and skill set that was instilled in me from an early age, and into high school, afforded me the opportunity to continue playing the game I love at the college level. Those same skills also helped me become a coach as an assistant at the NCAA Division II and III levels for six years, and most recently, allowed me to become a head coach at two Division III institutions. There is no doubt in my mind that the fundamentals drilled into me, combined with the constant hunger to be a better student of the game is the reason that I have my dream job today…as an NCAA Head Lacrosse Coach.

The reason that I have created TM Lacrosse is to continue, not only my growth as a student, but also the growth of others through instructional lessons, clinics, camps, leagues, and experience days. I once heard the Frank Oppenheimer quote “The best way to learn is to teach” at a NCAA Division II Leadership Convention, and have believed whole-heartedly in this notion ever since. Every day at the college level we teach our men the fundamentals over and over, using them as building blocks and the cornerstones of everything we do as a team. It is my belief that whether you are at the high school or youth level, as a coach or player, the easiest way to improve your abilities when it comes to lacrosse is to realize that none of us knows everything about the sport we love. It is my hope that my staff and I can help in the process of your development, as we all become better students of the game.

In all of our events, we will not be recreating the wheel, but getting BACK TO THE BASICS by playing and coaching the game fundamentally while having fun doing it. It is my sincere hope that you will join us for one of our events.


Tim Murphy